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Venting on a SunDazed Morning
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Venting while Sundazed and confused.

This is an illegal Branded Image according to ZilloH and Truly a disaster..

Oh Zillow Oh Trulia, Oh how you let me down with your light finger techniques. Basically what you (and about 100 others) do amounts to legal poaching.

At Issue here:

Agent Branding POLICY for listing images - which I feel actually helps paint a "true representation" of listing agent and listing office involved with a property - is now banned by policy at T&Z... NAR and Code of Ethics seems to be getting pushed back...

See my recently banned "branded" photo... Without the added personal agent branding in the photo, folks browsing "those" web sites most likely assume the agent name listed next to the display of a property listing is the true agent owner of the listing. How wrong is that misconception? The agent name next to my listing is one who paid the fee (the bribe) to get that misleading positioning.

Obviously, if these guys did not ban branding and if they continued to let me and other agents properly show ownership in this manner, it will hurt their ability to sell some gullible agent advertising to associate them with "my" listing. So the new policy (the "ban") was added which cloaks any attempt at providing the consumer with accurate listing agent information as the Code of Ethics requires.

Oh. FYI: these corporations are not members and have no code of Ethics requirement to protect consumers...

Here's the rub as we see it:

Silver City agents pay substantial fees to join, and we have ongoing membership fees as well. On top of this is an "unusual" special use fee to allow access to the MLS database which allows us to display member / subscriber listings online.

These bad guys (national companies) are not local and none pay members fees to either join the MLS or to use and access MLS data from our real estate coop here as we agents are required to do... Unlike our hard working members who own exclusive rights to sell, these guys get their data for free while we pay to play. This seems to be bordering on criminal.

There are still some MLS's (like ours) that charge members fees to be able to display the data on their own local websites, but who freely cooperate with national company's by giving them access to our data.

Something needs to be done across the board, since there are other local MLS Boards who have not taken a stand against the machine to protect agent's data, or to create a FAIR PLAYING FIELD from a FEE PERSPECTIVE.... It's not sensible to charge paying members and subscribers for use of their data while giving that same data away to outsiders who have no skin in the game and who use the free data for profit.

Most folks in the biz are shocked that we are getting charged for our own data,. and agree that MLS services should be banned from CHARGING Subscriber Agents added fees for IDX and RETS feeds (which is manner get to the data) .

Sad that we created these listings through our own hard work yet we "have to pay for database use" while watching others use it gratis.....

I believe that much like the inequality of 78% pay for women that this inequality needs to get fixed. Anyone else have thoughts on the subject post away as my weekend rant is over.

Enough said.

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