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The Markets - 2013
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The Markets for 2013 - A Stock Market Review

(Silver City Region MLS Real Estate market stats are coming out soon, and Ill have them up asap when available...)

I may be going out on a limb here today with the following ASSumption..... but

Looking back at the technical charts Ive been keeping since moving to NM many years back, it appears that 2013 will be remembered as a "best" year for the stock markets..

That's right. We haven't seen a better market for some time - almost two decades.

If the markets were not going to open for regular trading today, December 31, 2013:

The DJIA, the "Dow" would be up 26% for the calendar year

S&P 500 would be up 29%

 and the NASDAQ soared up 38%...

Can someone hand me a paper towel? I think I might get a nose bleed....

Don't fight the trend. The trend is your friend.- this tried and tested strategy / philosophy is holding true for now, but having seen some interesting IPO's (particularly with some social entries), I am sitting very close to the exit in case a perceived or real emergency of some kind starts a run towards the door.

We are not expecting significant change to the trend during the first Q. If I was a gamblin man "hard seven, yea," I would start to nibble at the precious metals sectors. AG and AU have taken it in the shorts - literally.... I have recently added to the gld iau slv slw portfolios and will take the next available windfall to bolster these (particularly the SLV) positions on any pull back. When my friend gold runs again, Ill get pulled along nicely in its draft..

We open in 5 minutes so heading to the trading desk. Love the IB account tools.....

Case Shiller out today too... Big day for news....


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