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Good News from DHNM.

We have agreed to hosting terms and have formally renewed the Personal Property Web Site service for the coming year.

Advertising strategies (newspaper, clist, email, web, flyer /other print) all benefit from having a unique Property Web Site with exclusive web address to give out to prospective buyers.

Yes. It's true that all MLS listed properties get the same basic National Big Commercial Site exposure, but instead of advertising and sending a customer to one of the "B C S*" where you are lucky if they can find your property, your personal and unique web site address leads folks to "your Seller site" where no other properties are allowed.

This strategy is highly effective when going it alone ( FSBO ) or when you are needing better online exposure than your current real estate listing is providing you.

This is a highly EFFECTIVE selling tool.

You may get lost in the 1000's of competing listings with basic display at "BCS", but you won't lose buyer's attention if your advertising has sent them to your personal web address site where you are the only home being advertised.

For a Limited time (until bandwidth restrictions limit adding new properties), we are happy to contiue the offering for new Seller customers.

In progress (but with live examples to view) is a new entry page on our navigation menu (SEE TO LEFT) are the new Seller Personal Web Site info link and link to to the even newer Video Tour feature.

This service is available free for my new qualifying customer property (MLS) listings and available from $4.99 per month for FSBO's and Sellers already working with a Realtor who also want the exposure of a public web site exclusively for their home.. (Co-op is good! Seller's may take advantage of the personal property web site even if being represented by other listing brokers).


*(Real.com;Zl_ow;Tr_ia; and the many franchise names we visit) 

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