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Realtor Tour - 3-12-2014
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West Tour!

Great turnout and good food. There is no better way to start the Tour than to start at my home base, Real Living Hacienda Realty. The brokerage is known for it's quality service, and it doesn't stop with real estate. Hacienda is known for having the best "spread" to start any Realtor Tour day, and today was no exception.

The (DJ) burritos, fresh fruit, cookies, and juices were big hits as usual. It's no wonder the turn out for Hacienda Realty hosted events is so good. A very popular starting point for our local touring pros..

Had to cancel the first stop on tour due to a Realtor forgetting about her responsibility to her customer and her Realtor comrades. To say she was a Bone Head is letting her off lightly. How many Wednesdays does she think there are in a week? Duh.  Maybe Homer needs a girl friend of equal mental ability.

In spite of the unexpected cancelation of the one property, we still had 4 decent properties to visit. The West Tour is my favorite, and today did not disappoint.

Want to see the homes and features from todays tour? If you do, Ill send you a recap (in .pdf format) to any one who requests it. You must specifically request the emailed doc for me to release it..

Subscribers to the Realtor Tour do not need to request today's mailing as your copy is being prepared for sending and you should receive it soon.

OT: The weather is fantastic. It's hard to believe how this winter has gone. The only thing I could use a bit more of is moisture on the ground. In spite of some damp surfaces from recent rain, the ground below is bone dry. (But that's better than being bone headed - hehheh)

Speak soon. Live well, be safe, and prosper..................

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