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Next to Last Realtor Tour for 2013
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It was a great turnout (and seemed more like the good old days when these events were more well attended) for the next to last tour for this calendar year.

The West tour provided the MLS maximum of 8 home stops and offered a wide range of styles, types, and price ranges.

Dream Home New Mexico ended the season with our final 2013 edition of the popular online e-version of "The Realtor Tour."

It will be a long time until we fire up the tour engines, and I will miss having you along on the tour. There is one formal tour remaining on the MLS schedule, but DHNM has necessarily ended online play by play coverage for this season and there will be no more tour emails with pictures, links and comments on the day's outing - until the MLS gets things fired up in 2014.

The hotsheet subscription services for residential and commercial is still active, and is available only by request. There are only a few slots available for the foreclosed property hotsheet, so if you want to get email notification when a new property gets listed in this "hot" category, just request your free subscription and Ill get you hooked up.


Here is the "fun start" (yes a spoof) to the weekly MLS Realtor Tour..... vrrrroom! start your engines......

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