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New Foreclosures: RealtyTrac
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November New Filings for Foreclosures statistics just reported. (TY Realty Trac and CNBC)

Looks like new foreclosed home filings are down significantly (on a national basis).

RT reported today that new foreclosed home  filings were down 15% in November, and they are now at the lowest level since December of 2006.

Although this is the biggest monthly decline since November 2006, there is plenty of inventory in many markets.

We remain in a geographically defined (and challenged) Bull AND Bear market.

Locally: Silver City, New Mexico

We have some great opportunities here in Southern New Mexico, and this is a good time to look at investing in your future (and quality of life).

A real professional can help you weed out the blue sky hopes of overpriced listings. Ill be happy to help you find your personal version of Dream Home New Mexico too. We'll use the apples/apples oranges/oranges method of side by side comparisons to root out the range of "true value" in the market.

This started about foreclosed property so.....

The local inventory of foreclosed homes is reasonably small, but in numbers, It has remained reasonably steady with (mostly) investor types grabbing them as they come available. FH's are being added and removed on a mostly steady basis. Who knows how many more will be available? Savvy home owner investors are following the specialty hotsheets to see the new listings as they are available, and get a jump on the competition.

For those not receiving the FHH now, I can service a few new Foreclosed Home Hotsheet free subscriptions if you are actively looking at investments in Grant County and area. Contact me here and request the Foreclosed Home Hotsheet FHH and Ill get you added as I am able.. Requires a valid email address.

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