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Happy Thanksgiving
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HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all my friends, family, customers, and business associates.

I hope that everyone is safe and well and that you find yourself being thankful for the many blessings, opportunities, and even some challenges that we share as New Mexicans, Americans, and planet occupants / co-stewards of the third stone.Art Grindle "I want to"


Today is more than a "work day off" celebration and opportunity to demonstrate skills in excessive food and foamy liquid consumption - all while attempting to maintain an appropriate level of concern and honor for "traditional" values during sports tube mindlessness.


Disclaimer: Although mindfull of the consequences, I plan to fully participate in these traditional activities as my age, skill level, and capabilities allow.

Today's Keywords:  Thanks. Giving. Sharing. Love. Peace.

For ALL of the world.

Hope you are able to spend time with loved ones and those that mean the most to you...... aa

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pari49 says:
Happy Thanksgiving💟🍗 Blessings my friend... Peace 💟Patti ✌✌🙋
11/28/2015 12:54 PM
Alan Archer
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