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Why the dog is happier
07/25/2016 01:12 PM

Happy Dog and slightly less happy human

And we are considered more wise..........

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"Over" Reaction
07/07/2016 10:33 AM


"If YOU are going to spew hate and post angry, racist, bigoted memes for me to see, while you are hoping to look cool and act like an intelligent thinking adult (which by insensitive and careless acts you prove that you are not), you are not worthy of friendship.

Facebook Hate is out of control (especially the recent madness about Hillary and Trump) and when You like and Share any hate memes and hate posts, YOU are encouraging division and separation at a time when the exact opposite is needed.

Please continue to show me loving pics of your 4 legged family, your new axe or amp, the found coin or nugget, even what you are having to eat, but I refuse to continue seeing hate on my news feed. I'm done with haters - if you even think for a second that I may be speaking about you or a post you put out there, what does it say?

Please stop it. Hate is not good for the world in any way. Enough said....." Anonymous Philosopher

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