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5-25-2016 Realtor Tour - Cancelled
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Just received notification that our MLS will not be holding Realtor Tour manana. Thought I'd look at archived photos from past tour events.

The president always takes the lead ride. Note the skill in handling mount (and beverage).

This is one of my favorites - from the Silver City New Mexico real estate archives.

The restart of the realtor tour and the normal spring upswing of business has us all excited about the next several months. Lots of opportunity for folks who really want to sell a property and for buyers willing to tackle the regulatory red tape to get financing and to get it done right. I have tools and knowledge to help you understand and comply with the common (and most of the uncommon) loan, deed transfer, and government guidelines.

2 things you need to know before stepping up to buy that dream home.

3 things that any seller should consider before listing their property for sale.

Please let me know how I can be of service to you in any way.... aarcher


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